Among its many accolades, Blue was chosen by NPR Music as the best album by a woman: “Blue remains the clearest and most vivid musical map of the new world that women, sometimes unnoticed, carved out of their everyday lives after the dreamy, utopian 1960s,” Anne Powers wrote in Turning the Tables, praising its “simple, yet so radical” melodies and lyrics. “The remastered version of the Blue album will be part of a box set collecting Joni Mitchell’s first four albums. Brandi Carlisle joins NPR Music’s Blue: All Songs Considered listening party In honor of the 50th anniversary of Joni Mitchell’s Blue album, join the online listening party. NPR Music’s Anne Powers will join singer-songwriter Brandi Carlisle, who will do “her own” tribute to “Blue” in 2019, for a live conversation about the monumental album. In honor of the 50th anniversary of Joni Mitchell’s album “Blue,” join us for an online listen. Blue was recorded and released in 1971, with acoustic guitar, piano and Appalachian dulcimer played by Mitchell herself, with James Taylor and Stephen Stills on the recording. NPR Music’s Anne Powers will join Brandi Carlisle for a straight talk about the album. The event will take place on the anniversary of the album’s release, June 22, at 2 p.m. ET – you can register on the NPR Presents website and watch it on YouTube. So feel free to join the conversation to share your love and thoughts.

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