Kendrick Lamar’s song receives a great Latin American treatment and was produced by Mark Ronson.. a high flying BNH confessed by himself! He says the group helped him become a soul and made them play on his 40th birthday. Throughout his career, the group has achieved sixteen of the top 40 hits and three million album sales, and with a new long-term player on the way in September, these sales figures will continue to increase. To promote the album, the band is on tour until October and November – a careful search on the web will give you the details. It contains an excerpt from the album Emotions”Best Of My Love” and has N’Dea Davenport at the top of the list. full of optimism, he is a winner to the end – remember my words. InThese Walls’, t’s N’Dea Davenport singing, a long-time bandmate. The advances show that this is a corkscrew – full of a unique and classic BNH sound that lives up to the best. They’ve been in the industry for 30 years, but the NEW BRAND WEIGHTS are still as strong as ever. One particular title, “Getaway,” will no doubt set the dance floors on fire. Registering only takes a few minutes and offers you more possibilities. In the meantime, we look forward to the album.