Angelina Jolie has been in London shooting Maleficent 2 with Elle Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Her daughter Vivienne appeared in the first film, which came out in 2014.But the beauty’s estranged husband Brad Pitt refused to allow the two children to participate in what has been an ugly and ongoing custody spat stemming from her September 2016 divorce filing, according to UsWeekly.

‘He refuses to sign off her plan to include Shiloh and Knox in Maleficent 2,’ said the source.

The magazine did not explain why she changed the plans but did have a Pitt source argue it was not fair.

The Ocean’s 11 star has been allowed to ‘host’ one or two of the kids at a time in four hour intervals with a therapist present, the magazine claimed, from June 8 to June 17.And from June 27 until July 1, he may see the kids for 10 hours a day also with a therapist, it was claimed.

Then from July 8 to July 14, Brad will spend ‘four consecutive days’ with the kids with a therapist present, it was alleged.

The source also said that Brad and Angelina do not talk to each other at all.

Angelina has a house in the Los Feliz area and Brad is just about a mile away.