He added that he “has no bad will in this matter,” and admitted that Tyson were photographed at the end, and the boxer looked “great. “See how Buzi Badazs tells thehis’ version of the story below. Two hosts joined Mike Tyson in the podcast of Hotboxin boxing champion, and during his “own” speech, Tyson exhorted Buzzie to make controversial statements about Dwyane Wade’s 12-year-old transgender daughter, Zaya Wade: “Why are you talking about people who can be gay? Why are you talking about them? Do you think t’s a chance that you’re gay, and anyone who doesn’t respect that will despair of being gay”? Tyson asked a rapper. Rapper said Tyson’s daughter started asking him questions about his knowledge of the “transgender world” and his suicide statistics. Things got tense a few weeks ago when Mike Tyson was with Buzi Badazz. Rapper said a lot has been cut, including a lively exchange with Tyson’s daughter. He said he answered his questions “personally,” because he asked her if she knew about problems in the black community, including single mothers and police shootings. If he is straight, why he insults people? Bosie explained that he only spoke because he was “insulted” by the fact that he was a child. “It seemed thathe’ was passionately in love with the situation,” Bosi said. But the interview was weird. Tell me about the new hot hip-hop news. “I’ll tell him” that I don’t agree.

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