Gerry Jeff Walker author of Bojangles, “Throat Cancer Walker” was a pioneer of the Austin country scene in the 1970s. After moving to Austin in 1971, Walker had a significant influence on country music in this city and helped to create a genre known as “Outlaw Country” – a kind of mixture of rock and folklore, which at the same time was popularized by Willie Nelson and others. Country music legend Jerry Jeff Walker poses behind the scenes at the 2009 country music festival. Country singer Jerry Jeff Walker, the man behind “The Mister”. Next to Willie, Jerry Jeff is a leading musician coming to Austin, Texas,” said Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel country band in Tennessee. Walker was born in 1942 in New York City as Ronald Clyde Crosby, and in the 1960s he got his “own” start on the popular music scene in Greenwich Village. Jerry Jeff Walker, who wrote: “He was home an hour before his” death,” he said to his wife, Susan Walker, 46, a state representative from Austin. In Buffet’s 1998 biography, he credited Walker with introducing her to “all the funky bars and fountains” from Miami to Key West. After spending a night in a drunken tank in New Orleans in the mid-1960s, Walker wrote: “Jimmy Buffett fans can thank Walker for his connection to Key West. In his 51-year record career, Walker has released 36 albums. Walker, best known for his his hit “Mr. Buffett”.

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