[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[/embedyt] This season’s Love & Hip Hop Miami is full of drama between Amara and Bobby Lights, Jojo and Bobby, Jojo and Bobby, Prince and Bobby, all right, a lot of drama with Bobby. After staying at SXSW, VH1 may ask Bobby Light about this season of Love & Hip Hop Miami, about his love for all the chaotic and especially his music. I hate it when people think I’m “gay chaos of love and hip-hop”. “I’m much more – the fans know that, my fans know that, my fans know that, my fans know that, my fans know that, my fans know that, the actors know that, I know it! All the drama that I had around me last season completely missed the opportunity for people to see how talented I was. I mean, I’ve had so many fans all over the world and I’ve learned so much that today I can say that I’m a completely different person. “Music is very important to me because it’s my career and my passion. Music is very important to me because it is my career and my passion. I also think I should have focused on music, not on incurable friendships. T have been a lot of fights this season between you, Amara, Jojo, Prince and Tea. I was as stubborn as Bobby! I would have said the same thing honestly if I had the opportunity to reconsider that moment. I wasn’t so worried that Trina would take my “your” feature film because I knew it would overcome all my obstacles. I know it wasn’t the smartest thing to use an African-American to meet Amara and my aggressiveness. You’ve been trying to show Trina your talent for the last two seasons. I think I’ve only grown a lot in the last year. I’m an idiot for a good old-fashioned shadow, but unfortunately that’s why I have problems. Yes, t are so many things I would have done differently, but I have seen my mistakes.