In The Unauthorized Full House Storyline, viewers got an up close look at Bob Saget’s off- .

Who are Bob Saget’s kids in actual life? DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle weren’t the young women that the comedian parented.

Now, decades after, what is up with Bob Saget’s family?

In theory, Saget’s fictional daughters must happen to be excellent role models for his real life daughters.

Beyond the number of daughters, Saget’s fictional life did not bleed much into his home life.

An Esquire journalist recently sat in on one of Saget’s sets that Aubrey and Lara both attended.

“Saget’s daughters have long since been immunized to their dad making them feel uncomfortable. It’d simply be too exhausting,” the Esquire writer said.

Bob Saget describes his three girls as “The best thing I Have done, the highest thing within my whole life.” Not bad for the less well-known of the comedian’s two families.