After years of tabloid gossip, country music’s top couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their divorce after four years of marriage on Monday.

At the time, Lambert told US Weekly: “I am married to my best friend! Looking forward to a lifetime of laughter.”

“we’re extremely happy and we genuinely laugh about all of,” Lambert told The Tennessean last summer.

Before Lambert released her “Platinum” album in 2014, Shelton talked about giving her opinions on the songs.

The narrative is via the lens of Lambert’s sympathy for Priscilla Presley around how everyone wanted to be with Elvis Presley.

Composed by Nicolle Galyon, Natalie Hemby, and Jimmy Robbins, “Priscilla” was inspired by tabloid reports of divorce and pregnancy that Lambert called “Asinine.”

When Hemby requested Lambert how she coped with it all, the singer responded: “I ‘ve to. What else am I going to do? I’ve to make it function.”

After the awards show, Lambert said that since their relationship began with them “Going their separate ways” on tour, they simply made it work when they were apart.