Producer Roger Bain completed his cough, added a deferral and used it as an introduction to the “Sweet List”, a song about the inspiring properties of weeds and the cornerstone of the Master of Reality, which was released on July 21, 1971. Master of Reality is the first album recorded by Black Sabbath in more than a week. Such a long stay in the studio should have given Black Sabbath time to experiment with various ideas and record an innovative album. While Black Sabbath was working on his “third” album at Island Studios in London, Ozzy Osborne gave the guitarist Tony Iommy a weed. Loudwire’s John Wiederhorn co-authored Louder than Hell: The Final Oral History of Metal, and co-authored Scott Ian’s autobiography, I’m a Man: The Story of This Man with Anthrax, Al-Jurgensen’s autobiography, Ministry: The Lost Gospel After Al-Jurgensen, and Agnosen! Divided, brave and glorious. Although no one complained about the length of the album, the 32-minute duration of Master of Reality would be a little shorter by today’s standards, especially since the two songs are instrumental music, which comes with two minutes, and the original press had only eight songs. The biggest obstacle for Osborne was “Soledad”. “Since bassist Geezer Butler wrote the lyrics to the songs and the song had different rhythms, the singer did not know when to speed them up or what words corresponded to the notes. The Master of Reality was full of a variety of riffs, winding bass lines and nasal voices that were a natural source of inspiration for early Stoner rock bands such as Pentagram, Saint Vitus and Obsessed. Drummer Bill Ward tried to find the rhythm of “In the void”, and the group tried to find several studios, hoping that the new set could shake Ward: “It was fun to try to see him,” wrote Yommy in his Iron Man memoirs: “My journey through the sky and hell with a black Saturday. In addition to Sweet Leaf, other new creative titles such as After Foreverver, Children of the Grave and Into the Void were not only dirty but also lazy. To make it easier to play “your” guitar with separate ends of your left finger, Yommy adjusted “your” guitar to three halftones and Geezer Butler adjusted it accordingly. This was the last Black Sabbath album to make its debut in Top 10 before the reunion of album 13, which premiered in No. In July 2001, Master of Reality received a platinum duo. Studying all the musical possibilities was probably not the only creative obstacle on the way to Black Sabbath. For Mestre da Realidad the band had three months of luxury.

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