In addition to “Stonemelker”, the experience of the VCR included images of “Lviv Long”, “Notget”, “”, “Mouth Mantra”, “Fish Sand”, “Black Lake” and “Family”. “Each song on the album is also accompanied by a new 360° animated score by Stephen Malinowski. The RV version of Vulnicura combines the images that were exhibited in museums at the Björk Digital exhibition and were updated to the final version. “Vulnicura VR was a long way that started when Andy Thomas Huang and I talked about how we wanted to document Stonemilker,” Björk wrote in his statement. Bjork has released his “own” studio album “Vulnicura 2015” as a virtual reality experience. After the release of Vulnicura, Björk shared Vulnicura Strings – a remake of the album that uses only strings as accompaniment – and Vulnicura Live. And he added: “The whole process was an improvisation that tried to believe in formats. Björk’s last studio album was Utopia in 2017. The new experience will be available on Friday, September 6th. This is Björk’s announcement.

Björk Announces New Vulnicura