It will be for the new James Bond movie “No Time to Die”. “NPR music critic Stephen Thompson is now in the audience to discuss Bond and Billy Eilish songs. Once you have “Golden Thumb”, you start bringing in pop stars, all Nancy Sinatra with “You Only Live Twice”, Carly Simon with “Nobody Does It Better”. “You’ve got great, great songs that are now better known as James Bond songs.” Now we have Billy Aylish, who sings Bond this year. Well, I think after you’ve got the James Bond cult songs, everyone’s trying to adapt. Well, you want to capture the spirit of James Bond movies that have evolved over the years. And I think this particular version of Daniel Craig about James Bond is a bit more painful, a bit more painful and a bit more disturbing. Aylish will be writing the theme for the next movie in a cult franchise. And so she is part of a long tradition of Bond songs. I think she fits perfectly with what James Bond is doing right now. Let’s start with Bond’s page. Billy Aylish is now, at 18, one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Well, you mentioned songs that reflect when they were written.