25, will not be able to put his good looks to use in Stephen King’s forthcoming thriller It after a first look at Dancing Clown character ‘Pennywise’ revealed the true extent of his gruesome look.

Bill has some big clown shoes to fill after taking on Tim Curry’s role, which he played in the 1990s miniseries.

Not using his looks: Bill Skarsgård has teased a first look at his new menacing role in Stephen King’s It.With his beautiful features concealed with a white skin tone, scarlet lips and a distinctive red nose, Skarsgard is barely recognisable.

Yikes: The creepy clown Pennywise makes actor Bill almost unrecognisable in the first glimpse.

‘I’ve been doing some clown research,’ Bill told Entertainment Weekly about his new role.

‘I’m not sure if t was so much clown phobia before the novel.

Guess who: Bill is the younger brother of Tarzan hunk Alexander Skarsgard.

‘T’s obviously been this thing w people find clowns are unsettling, but nobody explored it the way Stephen King did.

Skarsgard continued: ‘He’s not even a clown.