Aside from a guest spot and a voice-over t, Bill Murray the actor hasn’t been up to much in the past 12 months.

His glee spilled over into the locker room after the game, w he showed some men half his age how to break it down.

Murray’s allegiance to the Musketeers runs blood deep.

Of course, no discussion of Bill Murray the sports fan would be complete without mentioning his lifelong love of the Chicago Cubs, who, you may recall, ended their more-than-a-century-long World Series drought last fall.

Murray was a mainstay at their games, singing the national anthem, cheering at Wrigley and even boozing hard with the team after they won.

The best proof available that Murray is an insane sports fan who will get riled up for anything is in the video below.

Unlike the above, it does not show him cheering at a basketball game w his son is coaching, or at a baseball game w his cursed team is finally winning or at a football game w his son’s school is playing.