Bernadette and Howard considered kicking Stewart from the house, Raj took his relationship to the next level, Penny and Leonard were driving to Vegas to elope, and Amy announced that she needed time to reevaluate their relationship.

Leonard and Penny wait their turn in a haphazard Chapel of Love when Sheldon calls Leonard to announce that women would be the worst.

He corners her outside of her flat and is shocked to hear that Amy has been invited to Bernadette’s to see a live streaming variant of Leonard and Penny’s wedding.

Plus, Toy Story is just one of Leonard’s favourite pictures.

Leonard summons the upper body strength to carry Penny on the other side of the brink.

According to Sheldon, Mandy Chow is an appealing, smart woman who is able to do substantially better than Leonard.

Bernadette and Howard observe the truth that their wedding completely trumped Penny and Leonard’s.

“T Is plenty of gorgeous blondes out t who do not consider they can get a brief, nearsighted scientist. Let us give them hope!” – Leonard -stream the marriage.