She is criticized for not accepting artists from all African countries – t are 52! So she makes a film from which she does not get a cent, by the way, because she spends every cent of her budget on something that celebrates our heritage! What did she get from you? She created art! She is an artist. This is what artists do. Celebrities start talking about terrible events in Africa and join the anti-theft movement of special forces. People have destroyed Bey’s message, making it clear tothem’ thatit’s not about food’ and thatshe’ ignores the fact thatshe’ has worked actively to help wshe’ can help. Tina Knowles Lawson is tired of the constant investigation that her daughter is subjected to for everything thatshe’ does and has taken steps to protecther’ fromher’ critics. Rihanna, Trey Songs and many others spoke loudly and clearly about what happened and supported Nigerian youth in their struggle against the government. They said “they” were working behind the scenes, working with coalitions to provide emergency supplies, food and much more. “It records and uses all African artists, producers and writers. “Whatever my daughter is doing,she’ will be scrutinized and torn apart,” Tina wrote. Then she appeals to Beyonce’s critics.