Now Beyonce is looking to expand her multi-million dollar business empire beyond the music world.

The Texas-born beauty who now lives in Los Angeles is considering buying a stake in the NBA’s Houston Rockets, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.

Queen Bey’s interest comes after last month’s news that owner Les Alexander was looking to sell the two time NBA champs.

Alexander, who bought the team for $85 million in 1993, is looking to capitalize on the team’s popularity in China and is hoping to take home over $2 billion for the team.

That would surpass the record set by Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, who snagged the former LA underdogs for a whopping $2 billion in 2014.If the Lemonade diva does decide to invest in the team, it won’t be The Carter’s first venture into sports.

Jay Z owned a 1% stake in his beloved Brooklyn Nets but sold his shares in 2013.Houston native Bey has proudly flaunted her love for the hometown team throughout the years.

The pop star sported a glitzy Rockets bodysuit bearing All Star James Harden’s #13 during her Formation World Tour in 2015.And she and hubby Jay Z are often seen at Nets/Rockets games in NYC, w each star roots for their hometown team.