Rapsody literally brought warmth with his brand new solo from “Nina” and “Serena. “The presenter from North Carolina is a strong force in rap and has shown that she is able to manage on her own if necessary and let her talents speak for themselves. YBN Cordae and Anderson’s joint effort on the “Rich N*gga Problems”. Paak was a completely different energy when the two artists turned around and brought things back to the block. We covered some of the highlights in other Tuesday night articles, but are others who were equally fascinated by Rapsody, YBN Cordae and Anderson. Paak and Chance, the rapper. At this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards, t have been many notable live appearances, including Lil Kim’s tribute as the winner of the I Am Hip Hop Award, which are equally significant in the comments and let us know if t have been particularly impressive or disappointing performances. Many people said that everyone was in their feelings with “their” minimal presentation, while others mocked the lyrical references of the rapper’s wife. Amateurs of the award ceremony and online viewing were delighted with Chance’s “Sun Come Down” performance. The 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards are over, but the performances still have their languages. Four artists, three moods. Tell me about New Hip Hop news.

BET Hip Hop Performances