In an attempt to provide solutions rather than just highlighting problems, is a reflection exercise: What are the 13 most important numbers in quality control? Control Music released its second compilation album Quality Control: Control the Streets, part 1, with the beginning of a thriving career of Quality Control artists such as City Girls and Lil Baby, the two-year release plan for the album with declining productions. The most important quality control songs: Control The Streets, Vol. that album playlists continue to grow with playlists that give more weight to the distribution of Tallies, a project like Control the Streets, Vol. in that sense, these are the songs that exemplify the quality control of the music on the best and most innovative side. But the trick is: With so many songs it may seem impossible to have an overview of which songs are really important and which are full to balance the streaming totals and to bring the project to a more favourable position on the map. The best quality control: Control The Streets, Vol. looks like the quality control could use the label a little more in their projects, especially in the most recent ones. While the second project of City Girls’ second project, Girl Code, was a success, Migos Culture II, Nothin 2 Try Yachty and the gossip of Lil Babys Street were received with great warmth on the streets. With so many songs on Lil Yachty’s, Migos’ and Lil Baby’s albums feeling interchangeable, time began to shorten for listeners who, until the end of 2018, recorded almost none of the label’s projects. After the initial success of Control the Streets, the label’s recording strategy of producing, writing and recording records as quickly as possible has supported and hampered the label’s success in recent years. In fact, I’m going to pick some fruit and say that t might be a need for quantity control. 2 13 is the average length of an album for shipment, a period when the ideal artistic statement was an hour. I often felt alone in my appreciation of the French Montana, but I never apologized.

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