The energy will be high and this means it’s the ideal time for a special bottle of something you can’t drink at any other time – a bourbon with just one barrel. You have the fruits of the earth, spicy desserts, herb and umami meat and all the butter that a meal can have – what can’t you like? Better yet, these dishes go well with large bottles of bourbon. Whisky has a light bourbon aspect with vanilla, caramel, oak and malt. The caramelized notes and warm finish of a good bourbon can be mixed in a cocktail to balance heavy side dishes, or tasted on a single stone to reveal the sweetness of pumpkin pie. We will immerse ourselves in the best bottles of Bourbon whisky to accompany all stages of this year’s Thanksgiving meal. Add a few nuts and dried fruit with one or two drops of fresh honey and you’ve built a route that cries out for a good whiskey. Bourbon: Nelson Green Brier’s Belle Meade Single Barrel Bourbon in Tennessee is the perfect welcome drama. Bourbon: The Bulleit 10 ans d’├óge is a hearty whiskey to drink, but it’s a fantastic cocktail. The dark elixir has a base rich in caramel, walnuts cooked in winter spices, fresh vanilla and a pleasant touch of smoke. It is an excellent wine and cheese whiskey, which is served with a few drops of water to open. After 4 years of traditional ripening, the Bourbon is placed in a second barrel of freshly calcined and ripened American white oak as needed. And to ensure that these cocktails are good enough for all your culinary efforts, you need a large bourbon base. The focus should be directly on the meal, with the bourbon giving a pleasant touch to everything that has happened that day. The classic notes of vanilla, oak and caramel bourbon open it all up.

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