Latin Roots: The Best Alternative Songs of 2019: World Cafe Playlist is a carefully preserved list of Latin American artists who have created fascinating, unforgettable and touching sounds. The list of 50 artists includes 10 of our favorite singles and albums – Superphonic, Manatí, Beats y Batería, Combo Chimbita, Taina Asili, Gabacho, Olmeca, Ely Guerra, Le Butcttes and Mueran Humanos. From immigration policies to solidarity with victims of inhumane treatment, artists such as Wicker Yanas, Ani Cordero, Maria del Pilar, Nino Dios and Film Making did not hesitate to change the envelope. It was a year of magically intense music, with famous musicians with complex rhythms, original social and political anthems and creative interpretations of traditional Latin sounds. This playlist is a collection of carefully selected Latin artists who have created fascinating, unforgettable sounds that enrich the soul. La Cumbia supports the constant reign as new artists have embraced and raised their heritage to new heights such as the Prince of Queens, the Mexican Sonido Institute, Mercedes Nasta and Sotom Major. In this playlist of our favourite alternative Latin American music in 2019 you will see that t is no sound that defines the genre. As Superfonikos said about his single “Cumbéalo”, our great favorite, “Cumbéalo” is a metaphor that allows us to focus our eyes on the original and ancestor and remember all the great things we have lost in this process of modernizing and changing civilization. Among the most remarkable works – Spangled! Gaby Moreno and Van Dyke Parks, who together created a monumental and edifying orchestral album to celebrate the new wave of Americans. On the other hand, what a blessing to hear the soothing sounds of Carmen Ruiz, Cheo, Gabacho and Altonov. The common denominator is that these artists have chosen a bold sound. We believe that humanity is currently experiencing a great crisis because we are detached from nature, from our sense of unity and from our spiritual being.

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