Ben Beckman’s “Layos EP features two original productions, “Elaï” and the track “Layos,” as well as four remixes from PHOESY, Rialians On Earth, YANE and Desertum, creating an incredible sonic journey of breathtaking and breathtaking sounds. PHOESY, Rialians On Earth, YANE and Desertum are sure to add their own touch to the track with their remixes. They each add their own sounds and styles to the arrangement, rounding out this impressive new EP from Ben Beckman and Cafe De Anatolia. Although he didn’t begin releasing music until 2019, making his live debut with his downtempo gem “Al Niyat,” “Ben Beckman” has had considerable success in recent years with his consistent release schedule and impressive studio prowess. In late 2020, he also teamed up with the original “Rialians On Earth” Café De Anatolia to release his collaborative EP Ad Astra via the label, a 4-track sonic journey with a more techno-inspired sound. Driven by subtle but heavy bass lines and eastern instrumentation, “Eli” is a masterpiece of deep ethnic house, while “Layos” supports things with a more subtle and organic vibe. Music Crowns is a global platform for music artist discovery, a source of inspiration for the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed artists. SoundDirect is an online PR company and music promotion agency dedicated to spreading the word about good music and making your music influential. Ben Beckman, who released his first original track this year, is back with his Layos EP, available now at Cafe De Anatolia. To date, Ben Beckman has released three EPs and appeared on numerous compilations. His debut EP Persia was released in 2019, followed by a series of singles and the 2020 solo opus Osiris. Luckily, Lambo2btc has your back with a list of the best Ethereum casinos. Knowing the best place to use Ethereum is no easy task, there are too many and not all of them are good. “Psycho” is the new single from British electro-pop duo Moodbay. You have to listen to cellist and vocalist Ayanna Witter-Johnson to believe her.

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