Bella Thorne has revealed she earns $65,000 for a single Instagram post, and even bought her house thanks to money she made exclusively through social media.

The former Disney Channel star, 20, appears in the documentary Inside The Life of Bella Thorne, released on Tuesday by Vogue, which gives a 17-minute, behind-the-scenes look at Bella’s career and how she has transitioned away from her polished Disney image.

‘For grid posting it’s 65 grand a post,’ she says, apparently in reference to her Instagram ‘grid’, meaning her main feed on the platform.

She then describes her rates for a temporary post on her Instagram Story, w updates can only be seen for 24 hours, adding: ‘For story posting it’s anyw from 10 to 20K, and for Snapchat it is the same as Insta Story.

Bella has a whopping 17.3 million followers on Instagram and 9.8 million Facebook fans, which also come into her social media business plan.

‘Facebook has around 10 million followers,’ she adds during the same phone conversation, ‘but that’s one w if you wanted to do a deal w you’re like, Hey give us less and we’ll pay you more for this post and then also on Facebook, you know, I’m down to do something like that too.

Bella has in the past shared sponsored posts on her Instagram feed.

In July 2017, she posted a similar update, this time sharing a photo of herself holding a portable cup and wrote a post about the tea brand Teami Blends.

Bella then explains she decided to put herself out t on social media because she wanted people to see who she truly is.