Audra McDonald April 5, 2017 The non-reaction to Barry Manilow coming out to me is a sign that USA is a much better place in regards to LGBT than it was even 10 yrs ago.

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.- Dave Quinn April 5, 2017 Barry Manilow is gay, has a partner and their relationship is going on 39 years?

GodSwill April 5, 2017 Steve Bannon and Barry Manilow are both out, what a time to be alive.

Lot of people seem really proud of themselves for announcing they “Already knew” Barry Manilow was gay.

Anna Kendrick April 5, 2017 “Why should we even care that Barry Manilow is gay?”.

Riley Silverman April 5, 2017 Saying “I always knew Barry Manilow was gay” is not the way to react to the bravery of someone coming out.