The cover of Barbara Lynn’s classic was designed by guest singer Ria Currie and most commentators have noticed that immigrants and Mrs. C. together produced a 60’s soul sound at Koko Taylor and Sugar Pie Desanto, a real old school. Sweet Rest’ offers more variety to an album that shows that Soul Immigrants knows and respects the wonderful heritage of the soul. Tarde o temprano’ is the LP’s nod to Blues and Southern Soul, while in the strange title The Plains Of Maker Height’s, the band develops Southern Soul’s feeling a bit more. The comparison becomes clearer in the title song, while the mix “Up Close And Personal” offers a similar flavor. Interestingly, this is not the album’s signature sound. The LP was marked last month with the release of the single’I’m a Good Woman’. Signing up only takes a few minutes and gives you more possibilities. Elsew, the devil may perhaps… their stamps are immersed in the Caribbean palette. Also enter the Freddie Notes data.

Barbara Lynn