Bad Bunny, J Balvin and Mala Rodriguez launch new tracks: Alt. Latino Una pieza de J Balvin y Bad Bunny’s Oasis, una nueva pieza de La Mala en EspaƱa y una hermosa noche de samba de la Rua de Pretas. In Oasis, the acclaimed joint album of the bad rabbit and J. Balvin, “Un Peso” covers the entire genre and even includes a stanza by the Argentine group Enanitos Verdes, Marciano Cantero. “Aguante” is a powerful and vindictive song that reproduces in its video clip the most dramatic scenes of the most kitsch and beautiful teenage witch movie of all time, from the enchantment of the spirit on the beach to the cult pride of the Catholic school in its poster. The group is a traveling collective of like-minded internationalists under the direction of guitarist Pierre Aderne, who explores the great musical styles of Brazil his native country, mixed with compatible influences from all over the world. In “Un Peso”, Cantero takes care of the wounded, although Enanitos Verdes was controlled decades ago and Bad Bunny is still relevant. If you put as much personality into the cult horror movie The Craft in 1996 as you did when you were 17, then Mala Rodriguez’s latest film will fill you with as much Witch energy as I do. Among the printable things that the Argentine pioneer Neoperreo Mrs. Nina presents in “Te Doy”: a slippery back, a sweaty slowdown, a heavy double center and blessing. Although her album Lisboa Edition was released some time ago, this new video offers a closer look at the phenomenon of Rua de Pretas. Francisca Valenzuela has also found a place for her strong and flexible voice in her work with a deliciously handcrafted pop that borders on folk. This piece is in the tradition of samba, with a pop! of a strategically placed bottle of uncorked wine. The southernmost tip of the continent has produced a whole class of modern singers of various genres with amazing grace and musicality.

Bad Bunny