Avril Lavigne is clearly proving that she is moving on from her divorce with Chad Kroeger as she focuses on work.

In her second snapshot, Avril Lavigne looked like she has not gone through a breakup as she looked gorgeous while wearing a brown hat as she was sitting.

Avril Lavigne captioned her photo, “WERK.”.

Despite Avril Lavigne’s announcement about her divorce with Chad Kroeger, the “Complicated” singer recently uploaded a photo of him in her social media account.

The “Hello Kitty” singer and the Nickelback frontman hinted that they are working on a collaboration as Avril Lavigne said in the caption, “YeeHaw! Writing with Chad today.”

Avril Lavigne added, “Back w it all started…”.

Aside from dealing with the divorce issue, Avril Lavigne continues to focus on her work while recovering from Lyme disease, which she has been battling since late last year.