To date, more than 14.7 million hectares have been burned – 8.9 million in New South Wales alone – the entire population has been displaced and 24 people and millions of animals killed, blinding the damage caused by the Amazon forest fires late last year. In New South Wales alone, 1,300 homes have been destroyed, 440 damaged and the University of Sydney estimates that since September 480 million animals have been killed in fires – again in New South Wales alone. The fires devastated Australia’s national parks, forests, woodlands and remote areas, and had a major impact on major Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, w the air smells awfully black and orange. Government authorities have warned that it is likely to get worse than better. Australia is entering the first full month of the summer season, and federal and state authorities are trying to contain huge fires as strong winds and dry weather continue to fuel various fires. ?PLEASE PARTICIPANT IN THIS APPRAISH: Huge forest fires are increasing in Australia, causing tens of thousands of people to be evacuated and hundreds of millions of animals to be killed. ?. New South Wales has declared a state of emergency that provides additional funds to the state and 2,300 firefighters are currently working in New South Wales with additional support from the US, Canada and New Zealand on their way t. While wildfires are quite normal in Australia, what is happening now is unprecedented and a tragedy that will have a lasting impact on Australia’s population and will cause enormous damage to the ecosystem of one of the most unique and diverse natural landscapes we have inherited. Beyond shocking statistics, we don’t even need to look at the numbers to understand how devastating and terrifying the situation is across Australia, we just need to use social media and report first-hand, real-time, on the people who are experiencing this tragedy. CNN reports that smoke in Sydney in December was 11 times more dangerous than in December, and that fires began in July, when the forest fire season in Australia officially began. Australia is now facing one of the most devastating wildfires in its history – wildfires in all six states of the continent. A donation made to a firefighter on CNN’s Channel 7 in New South Wales reports that dry rays caused a series of fires in Victoria’s East Gisspisland area at the end of December, 12.4 miles away in five hours, due to dry, strong winds.

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