Do not believe the feeble preview you have been seeing on ABC in which Ashton Kutcher says “MA MAN,” and an omniscient voiceover guy tells you that “He’s got bite.” Kutcher is a guest shark on tonight’s season premiere of Shark Tank, and he is the only real shark that matters from the second the episode starts.

Enough swooning over Shark Tank I am to talk about Ashton “The Kutch” Kutcher.

As the guest shark in dwelling on the season 6 premiere, Kutcher possesses the panel.

When you hear Kutcher describing why he is or isn’t deciding to invest in the products being pitched on tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, you will realize that he truly knows his stuff.

My mother, a faithful Tank viewer with whom I screened the season premier, turned to me several times to notice how impressed she was with Kutcher’s vast knowledge of clever investment strategies and theories.

If I ever devise something or begin a company, I’d love to have Ashton Kutcher on board as an angel investor.