But someone a few years ago described my music as “night bus music,” and I still call it that because it makes an impression on me. I think it’s such an expressive phrase that you know exactly what I mean when I say that. The idea of being on a night bus and t’s rain, bad weather, certainly has something to do with this environment that I like and want to identify with. “Lately I’ve been thinking about what kind of music I’m going to do next, and I think what I’m going to do next might be more directly related to contemporary classical music. Yeah, I really like the idea of the connection between my music and the film, and I like the idea that others think it’s a natural connection, but for me it’s not about the visual structure of the film, it’s about the humor. I have a lot of ideas in my head about what I want to do, but thankfully they’re different than the ones I had a few years ago when I started making this album. In an ideal world, I want to work in all genres, do different things, do instrumental music, instrumental music in this scene, for movies, work with vocalists. Another way that might affect the music that I make is that my new album has a lot of production without rhythm. Because right now I’m starting to make new music, and when I started making this album, Ashlar Ghosts, I didn’t really know what the music was going to be. “I’m still interested in, you know, Mark Fisher, the writer He was actually a music journalist and a politician, unfortunatelyhe’ committed suicide a few years ago, but he’s one of my favorite writers. I think for me it’s not the direct connection between my music and the visual presentation, but the atmosp associated with the film, and then the emotion is just in the music itself. “So my background has influenced me to want to make somber music, but as I get older, I try to do something that has something different. I have no doubt that when I started making music, I was just trying to make something that sounded very, very dark and sad. Part of the reason I listen to modern classical music is because it makes me feel something, and I would say the same thing about movie soundtracks. Second it’s an album that’s somew between bass and hip-hop and synth music. It’s funny when other people talk to you about your music and how it sounds.

Ashlar Ghosts