A lawyer, a Swedish prosecutor named Mons Resner, told the company that Rocky was not required by law to be in Sweden to decide his case. According to Billboard, Rocky does not need to be in Sweden as soon as possible to decide his case. However, if Rocky is found guilty, the artist will have to return to Sweden and serve a prison sentence t. But if he is sentenced to additional punishment, Rocky will be legally obliged to return to Sweden and serve his “own” term. Ressner told Billboard that Rocky’s weeks of “pre-trial detention” in Sweden will be deducted from any prison sentence. Rocky was detained in Sweden for almost five weeks after the alleged attack. Resner said it was unlikely that Rocky would be sentenced to prison. In anticipation of the release of the sentence on Wednesday, August 14, Billboard spoke to a Swedish lawyer who was not involved in the case. Apparently, prosecutors asked for Rocky to be sentenced to six months in prison. T are a lot of speculation and opportunities now, but tomorrow’s official decision will soon be clear. Rapper was released earlier this month.

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