The security forces asked Kanter started kicking furniture and shouting obscenities at staff. In the days that followed, Kanter made several social media contributions explaining that his actions were in the name of Rocky’s freedom. A woman angered by Rocky’s imprisonment went to the Swedish embassy in Washington D.C. and threatened to blow up the complex in her “name. Rebecca Kanter made a scene at the Swedish embassy last Tuesday. She began “swearing and shouting” at staff, touring students and “making statements” about Rocky, according to a report on NBC News 4, and Kanter appeared the following afternoon at the Swedish House on Embassy grounds. Kanter stepped on an exposed tipi and a coffee table in the lobby. She allegedly threw liquid from a bottle of Coca-Cola and left before authorities arrived at the scene. President Trump is not alone in opposing the arrest of Rocky ASAP in Sweden. Kanter did not stop t. The fanatic of a rapper reached his limits to fight for the freedom of the rapper.

ASAP Rocky Fan Kanter