As a film producer, Hanni Berges won two awards in New York and one in Canada in 2017, was a semifinalist in the Best Actress category at the Norwegian Gull International Short Film Festival and reached the finals of the International Best Independent Film Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany, with “her” award-winning short film, The Grey Woman. Home Arts & Entertainment Press Releases Sean Paul McGrath and Hannie Berges on the feature film Widow Moon. Sean Paul McGrath and Hannie Berges star in the feature film Widow Moon. Sean is also starring in the new flagship series “Cartago,” which will shoot in Colombia in 2021 and will be directed by award-winning directors Reshef Levy and Tomer Shani. A powerful psychological drama written and directed by award-winning German director Werner Schumann, “Schumann Brothers,” distributed by Global Genesis Group, USA. In 2001, Schumann won the prize for best director for the feature film “Glee” at the 21st Ibero-American Cine CearĂ¡ Film Festival in Brazil. Widow Moon. Written and directed by Werner Schuman of London. One of Shones’ most notable performances was “his” breakthrough performance as Martin in Andrew Griners’ political film Endgame, which won an award and screened at the Turner Classic. Elias served as first assistant cameraman on FAST AND FURIOUS 7, second cameraman on SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and most recently as lead cameraman on THE WIDOWS MOON in Germany. Schuman is a member of Directors UK, the professional association of British film and television directors, and a founding member of the Directors Charitable Foundation. A graduate of Al-Kafaat University in Lebanon, “he” works on digital feature and short films as well as television and documentary films. In 2015, “he” was invited to direct the international feature film Absolution, a German-British co-production starring British, American, Turkish, German and Russian actors.