Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped by “The Tonight Show” Wednesday evening to chat about the pending debut of “The New Celebrity Apprentice” and swap faces with host Jimmy Fallon.

Schwarzenegger and Fallon used Snapchat to conduct a portion of the interview, which resulted in a delightful moment when the “Predator” star couldn’t stop giggling at his own deer face.

Eventually, Fallon asked the tough questions like, “What do you want for Christmas?” and Schwarzenegger, while using the puppy filter, gave the most perfect answer of all time: “A six-slice toaster.”

What Fallon did not inquire about during Schwarzenegger’s interview was how the rebooted “Apprentice” series would operate in light of past star Donald Trump’s rise to supreme leader.

It’s logical for Fallon to avoid the matter, given that both “Tonight Show” and “Apprentice” are broadcast on NBC, who’s currently dealing with fallout from news that Trump would remain an executive producer on his former series, as well as Fallon’s own history of hair-tousling with the president-elect.

Fallon did ask Schwarzenegger what his version of Trump’s catchphrase, “You’re fired,” would be.

Drawing on his film career, Schwarzenegger decided on, “You’re fired, get to the chopper!”.