It’s not typical for a congressman to show up in person at a Board of Supervisors meeting.

That’s exactly what happened Wednesday, when Rep. Dana Rohrabacher spoke on a controversial matter the board was taking up Tuesday in Orange County: whether to join the Trump administration in suing California for its “Sanctuary state” law.

“By making this a sanctuary city and a sanctuary state, we are doing nothing more than attracting millions of more people to come to this country,” Rohrabacher told the board.

He added that a “Flow of illegals” has diminished the quality of public schools, healthcare and housing for Californians.

He also called immigrants in the country illegally “The greatest threat to the well-being” of county residents.

Rohrabacher’s words aren’t far off from talking points crafted more than a quarter-century ago during the campaign for Prop.

187, a ballot initiative that got its start in his coastal Orange County district and called for eliminating basic services such as healthcare and public schooling for immigrants in the country illegally.

It passed, and helped propel Gov. Pete Wilson to the governorship, but was later struck down by the courts.

It’s also received the brunt of the blame for the steep decline of the California Republican Party over the past couple decades.