Despite trailing at halftime, 17-14, No. 21 Navy rallied behind quarterback Keenan Reynolds and a great defensive effort to beat Army for the 14th year in a row, with a 21-17 win.

After already setting the FBS record for rushing touchdowns in a career, he tied and set the Division I record with 85 career rushing touchdowns and a bowl game still to go.

Reynolds set even more records with another rushing touchdown and a passing touchdown.

Reynolds is the first Navy quarterback to ever go 4-0 against Army.

That’s partly due to Army’s defense, which held the Navy offense at bay, despite Reynolds’ numbers, and partly due to Army quarterback Chris Carter, who was 9-for-15 with 208 yards passing and one touchdown.

Army doesn’t get a lot of national attention, but that’s too bad, because its best player is named Edgar Allan Poe! He was even called “The Raven” in high school.