The old Burt Reynolds can’t come to the phone right now.

“I’ve met many famous people in my time in Hollywood and have made many movies with many successful actors, but Burt Reynolds is in a different category.”

Because Reynolds is famous for being a “Macho sex symbol” in his youth, Rifkin said The Last Movie Star shines a spotlight on the aging process more than if he weren’t known for his sultry appeal.

“Someone at Brian and Brett’s table knew Diane, and the two groups got to talking. We showed her a rough cut , and when it was over she was in tears. Literally, sobbing. Burt’s heartfelt performance touched her so deeply. She asked if she could write a song for the end credits – a song about regrets and redemption. We enthusiastically said ‘Yes, of course.’ Turns out, she wrote the song ‘To Get Here’ within 24 hours. None of us knew that Burt and Willie were old pals, and Willie was thrilled to be a part of it as a result.”

For The Last Movie Star, which they shot across five weeks with 18-hour days, Rifkin said he wanted to focus on mental health.

Much like Vic gave Lil love advice throughout The Last Movie Star, Winter said Reynolds was protective over her.