Bernard Desarnauts runs Wristly, a research firm that bills itself as “The Independent Voice of Apple Watch.” A few ​months ago, a ​reader ​confessed to being a nose tapper and asked if Mr. Desarnauts knew others.

The watch responds to voice commands, but wearers more commonly control it through a touch screen or the crown-the dial on the side of a watch.

Mr. Forrest, the manager at the burrito restaurant, said he has used the tip of his elbow to control his Apple Watch, but prefers his nose.

Using a nose to control Apple Watch is a regular topic on Reddit, a discussion site popular with techies.

One thread about a month ago carried the subject line, “The nose tap. We’ve all mastered it amirite?” One user declared it a useful technique for controlling the watch during trips to the bathroom.

Now, using his nose to control the watch is “Fairly natural” and “a once-a-week thing.” He has become accustomed to quizzical looks from bystanders.

Morgan Hocking, a programmer from New York City, said the Apple Watch is the second Apple device that he controls with his nose.

David Galloway, a technical writer from Greenville, S.C., sometimes uses his nose to control the watch, but also has pressed another part of his face into service.

With temperatures falling, Mr. Galloway noses the watch when wearing gloves while cooking outdoors on the grill or campfire.