When the Times spoke of his interaction with the alleged victims, Rocky quoted: “We just wanted to calm the situation and leave them. “And he added: “My team and I are starting to tell you, listen, go the other way, we don’t want any problems. A$AP Rocky was convicted of assault by the Stockholm District Court, the New York Times and the Associated Press. Rocky, who pleaded not guilty, was sentenced to a suspended sentence for attacking Mustafa Jafari in central Stockholm, a charge that the court found no self-defense. “All I could think about was defending myself,” said Rocky, according to a report from the New York Times. According to the Times, Rocky said that he would not physically act until his guard was attacked. When Rocky was temporarily released from prison, he played a show in California and turned to the crowd. In the video, the men seem to accuse Rocky and his friends of breaking headphones. He will also pay damages to the plaintiffs, but he will no longer remain in prison after the judge has decided that he has spent enough time in a Swedish prison, according to the Times. “I threw Jafari on the floor and stepped on his arm,” said Rocky. Before his arrest, Rocky placed footage of the incident on Instagram. Rocky was arrested in early July on suspicion of assault. Rocky and his team continue to ask the two men to stop following them. Rocky’s two employees, accused of the June 30 attack, have also been convicted. During Rocky’s trial, the rapper testified that his actions were carried out in the interest of his protection. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are putting pressure on the trump card administration to release the rapper.

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