“Black Panther” says he regrets killing Andy Serkis’ character, Ulysses Klaue, in his record-breaking blockbuster.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Coogler admitted that he was not sure if it was the best move to kill off Klaue.

“I like Klaue. I was bugged by having to do that. It’s tough when you have to kill characters off and I really did love that character,” Coogler said.

“The filmmaker went on to say,”I love Andy, he’s a lovely person.

“Every scene he’s in, he’s walking in like it’s the best day of his life. He’s got a swagger to him that’s interesting and for me it was cool to see Andy act like that. It was a real pleasure.”

In an interview with, “Black Panther” Moore said Klaue is dead for good and fans should not be expecting to see any more of him.