Amy Schumer shared a passionate, if unconventional, make out session with Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live this week.

Schumer’s monologue mentioned her recent marriage to chef Chris Fischer.

Schumer advised people who were going to watch her new movie, I Feel Pretty, to ‘bring tissues.

In her first sketch Schumer played host for a gameshow called ‘Mother Knows Best.’.

In keeping with the Mother’s Day theme Schumer played an adoring, yet dishonest, mother who was lying to her son about the day he was born.

During a cooking skit called ‘Gospel Brunch’ Kenan Thompson and Leslie Jones joined Schumer to cook a ‘healthy’ and ‘vegetarian’ Southern meal of chicken and salt with blended pecan pie.

Schumer played the redneck actress who portrays ‘Mimi’ in the fictional Broadway show, ‘a Puerto Rican stripper and a heroine addict.