Amy Schumer feels “a lot happier” ever since she stopped focusing so much on how she looks.

The 37-year-old actress and comedian explained how she is seeing the benefits of her new outlook on life, and urged everyone to stop worrying about “The little dumb stuff”.

“Speaking to former E! host Catt Sadler’s new website, she said:”I rarely think about how I look anymore.

“Also, we are all gonna die, don’t sweat the little dumb stuff. None of it matters.”

The ‘I Feel Pretty’ star also opened up about her relationship with new husband Chris Fischer, and gushed over her beau as she jokingly called him a “Weirdo”.

She added: “He’s a great partner. We don’t complete each other, we compliment and support each other… He makes me laugh and feel supported and has his own life going on. I love that weirdo.”

Just last month, Amy teased her man for his “Worthless” proposal with a tongue-in-cheek dig at his expense.

She added: “It’s always a guy getting down on one knee and the girl is always shocked, you know? She’s always like, ‘Ahhhh! I didn’t even know you liked me!’ Really, you’re gonna spend your life with this dude and you didn’t even know he liked you?”.