Do You Feel It Too is an independent album written by Amy and produced by Dan Clark. Amey and Zakia have an intense, and sometimes difficult, mother-daughter relationship, especially since Amey suffers from debilitating postpartum depression after giving birth. Both singles were released in 2019 and set Amey on a path to complete dominance on the dance floor. Are you feeling it, too?” asks Amy. Music Crowns is a global platform for music artist discovery, a brand for the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed artists. Cyr has had a rich and varied career in the arts; she is an actress, a model and appears in one-off acts such as a recent BBC Radio 4 show along with her daughter Zakia, who you can listen to HERE. Their fragile but tender relationship has been tested over the years, but you’ll find that she is unlike any other. I am a creative soul who loves to write about music; all genres, all vibes.

Amey Amey St Cyr