Panic at the Disco!’s “This Is Gospel” is not exactly a song you pick assuming you’re going to be the next American Idol, is it? I don’t see Jonny figuring this game out with inventive new moves to propel himself forward in the competition.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson’s persona shifted along the way: He used to be a sleepy-eyed, drily wise guy who gurgled love songs to tombstones, and now he’s Billy Gilman II: Backwoods Balladeer.

Unfortunately I’m with Luke “Everyone’s Doing a Good Job” Bryan on this one: The song choice didn’t move me, and I didn’t get anything new from Marcio but more fine face-acting.

Now the challenge for Catie is clear: She must find song choices that help her giddy side and her taste for fatalistic song choices to co.

If we’re being honest, the song choice holds Jurnee back since its chorus is a cutesy cheerleader chant.

Unexplainable! In Sia’s version, the chorus is fire and the rest of the song is merely boppable.

T aren’t too many tried-and-true songs like this with remaining novelty, so she’ll have to be craftier in the coming weeks with her song choices.