Stenberg, who previously discussed the matter in her “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows” video, first made her voice heard by commenting on a photo that Jenner, 17, posted of herself sporting cornrows.

She wrote, “When u proper black attributes and culture but fail to make use of ur location of power to assist black Americans by directing attention towards ur wigs in place of police violence or racism #whitegirlsdoitbetter.”

“Black characteristics are beautiful,” Stenberg begins in the note.

“Black women will not be. White women are paragons of virtue and desire. Black women are targets of fetishism and brutality. This, at least, appears to function as the mentality encompassing black femininity and attractiveness in a society built upon eurocentric beauty standards.”

“While white women are commended for altering their bodies, plumping their lips and tanning their skin, black women are shamed although the same attributes exist to them naturally,” the youthful star continued.

“This double standard is one cord in the netting that surrounds black female sexuality – a web that entraps black women when they assert sexual agency. Deeply ingrained into culture is the belief that black female bodies, at the intersect of oppression, are less than human and thus unattractive.”