The legendary British rock band continued their journey with the opening of a flagship store on Carnaby Street, the spiritual centre of London fashion scene in the 1960s. The opening coincided with the re-launch of “Goat’s Head Soup” with three unreleased songs including “Scarlet” with Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin on guitar and Rick Grech from Blind Faith on bass. “Soho has always been the epitome of rockn’ roll, so Carnaby Street was the perfect place for our own store,” says Mick Jagger and Co. Come in, and you can listen to Stones non-stop songs, look down and the lyrics are on a glass floor, while the dressing rooms are decorated with classic album covers. 9 Carnaby, Bravado CEO Matt Vlasik explains that “this is the result of years of planning and decades of work to create one of the world’s most famous brands. The shelves will feature fashion and merchandising lines, exclusive products and music. Can’t you get satisfaction? Buy them at the Rolling Stones store. The “Hall of Fame” started the frenzy on July 9th with the release of the long lost song “Criss Cross”, and then on July 22nd with the arrival of “Scarlet”. 9 Carnaby has everything you need for Stones in one place. The new location is just a short walk from Oxford Circus Metro Station and will undoubtedly become a popular tourist destination. 4 Multi-CDs and luxury CDs and vinis, via Universal Music Group. RS #9 is more than just a shop, it will be an unforgettable experience for fans of all ages. Opening in September.

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