Oh, shit. List of Latin literature: Orisch, Mateo Kingman, Kami, Simoron: Ancient. Latin Orishi returns with a piano ballad for existential insomnia, the Chicago divine nino offers a pop ballad of dreams, and Mateo Kingman joins forces with Gustavo Santaolla. Last year, the long-awaited gourmet album, the first album in ten years by Orishas, experienced a new merger of rap and sound that the Cuban trio has been leading for over two decades. Mateo Kingman from Ecuador, he makes music that combines Amazonian tradition with electronic, hip-hop and pop music. Already in April we saw the Chicago ballad Divino Nino with Maria, which fascinates us with its romantic desire in late spring. The last part of his upcoming album Astro is an intimate, literary song with Argentinean super producer Gustavo Santaolla. “I wrote “Last Breath” on the gun while my grandfather was dying,” Kingman wrote in a press release. Last month she was chosen as the best instrumental song at the 2019 Independent Music Awards and the video and track show why. Colombian band Cimarrón is putting so much emotional power into “Zumbejam” from their new album Orinoco. Foam, the band’s third album, is pop music that combines elements of Shoegaze and Soul in a smooth reverberation. While travelling on the album “Último Aliento” is the clearest moment and at the same time the deepest part of the journey. Her new single “Aqui Estoy” is a story of challenge and survival in a loving mourning, reminiscent of a cumbia with a slight reggaeton accent.

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