Rom coms about being single have been roaming the cinemas and TV screens since the dawn of film making, but few have managed to actually entertain.

Has released the first trailer for the new romantic comedy How to Be Single, three months ahead of its opening.

The movie had been in development since 2008, when New Line acquired movie rights to the Liz Tuccillo novel.

How to Be Single gives us a little bit of hope as Rebel Wilson who plays one of the main characters has proven to be a funny and feisty actor, with great improvisational skills and a witty presence.

Plus, putting her alongside Dakota Johnson might get the movie that extra kick.

The two girls with two very different personalities are ready to go out t into the dating world of New York City, not necessarily to find the perfect partner for life, but more to enjoy the perks of being alive and single.

Funny enough, the Fifty Shades of Grey star doesn’t go too far from her character in the aforementioned movie aka a naive young woman seeking romance.

The trailer begins with Wilson giving Johnson a tutorial on how to get free drinks at a bar.

“The trailer however shows us almost exclusively Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson. Both Leslie Mann and Alison Brie also have significant roles in the movie, but they’re nearly non-existent . It’s very possible that t’s a lot of this movie that we are not being shown. We may be in store for a series of trailers showing us the multiple storylines. It’s also possible that a decision was made to focus more on this part of the film as a primary story.”