Alicia Keys On Her Album,Alicia’, And Pandemic-Era Positivity Keys tells Audie Cornish about the release ofher’ seventh album during the pandemic and the strange new resonance of songs written before anyone knew what it would be like this year. How to make pop music that makes sense in the midst of a pandemic and civil unrest? How to take this song to your fans if they can’t come to you, if you can’t sing it to them in person? Alicia Keyes is currently an expert in this field. One of the things I think about now, the one I like the most, is called “Songwriters Always”. What I really like about this song is that it describes us as “builders” and “dissidents” as well as “donors” and “buyers”. I think that at some point in my life I said to myself: “Why should t be takers, why can’t t be only builders, why should t be switches, why can’t t be only donors? And I understood that you have to have all these sides. Today Keys is releasing a new album, its seventh album in the legendary career with the single Alice. I just realized that many people do not hear the words “good job”. Nobody sits t and says, “Listen, wake up and put one foot in front of the other”. In the middle of a busy day when the “new” song was advertised, so much so that her part of the conversation had to be recorded while driving a moving car, she said Audi Cornish of NPR to sing at that special moment. When I first heard her, I thought, “Oh, she’s talking to me. “And that’s when I realized, oh, yes – t are clearly health workers and other people in much more tense positions. The seventh album of Alicia Case has just been released. I was impressed by the fact that at this moment the song is addressed to all these people, as well as to the workers and key people who have become so important to our daily life. I like to be in front of people, I like the connection that you can have in mind. Although t are many great people who support you and will continue to support you – it takes a village to do everything – “they” is a unique and special ingredient that makes them who they are. But we are in a situation w we can’t get in touch with people in this way, and we can’t get in touch with artists in this way. Audie Cornish: I heard that you describe this album as one of the most authentic music pieces. Probably the most obvious example is “Good Work”, a kind of message of encouragement to people who are struggling. It is true that we have the latest information super highway, and we can communicate at any time, and I certainly caressed myself more these days.