Is t something to that? Chelsea Handler: Well, yeah, I think he has – he’s a psychopath.

CP: In a Minnesota-specific question, should Al Franken have resigned, and should liberals have been sad to see him go?Handler: Yes and yes.

I’ve met him several times and I like him a lot, but I think it was one that needed to happen in order for us to stand for something.

CP: Conservatives bring up “Political correctness” as something liberals are behind that’s ruining American discourse, or education.

W are you on political correctness?Handler: I think we’re in a time now w we realize, “Oh, just because we had a black president doesn’t mean racism is over.” I’m one of the idiots who thought, “OK, we nailed that, now let’s get a woman in t, and that’ll be done.” And it’s like, well, look what just happened.

CP: Do you, or would you, either date or party with conservatives right now?Handler: Yeah, I would.

I think supporting Donald Trump is a lot different than being a conservative.