Video shows cops talking to Travis McMichael after the Arbery shooting While he was in his neighborhood in Georgia, Ahmod Arbury was being chased down the street and shot and killed by the duo’s father-son Travis McMichael and Gregory McMichael. When Brian spoke to the police, he allegedly “admitted” that he was chasing Arbery, “blocked his” way so that he could not escape, and filmed the entire incident before his death. Travis McMichael talks to the agent while he describes Arbery as a thief. It only took the police a few minutes to get to the scene because Gregory McMichael is a former police officer, and we see a bloody Travis describing his version of events. When McMichael and Brian caught him, Travis told police that Amo “shot” him in the face several times, so he decided to shoot. McMichaels was not arrested for several months after the Arbery story spread. In part of the video, McMichaels said, “I don’t know” whether or not they should have followed Arbery. Earlier this year, Arbery’s story was detailed when people protested what they called a racist murder. They were arrested and charged with murder along with William “Roddy” Bryan, who followed them in another car and filmed the event. He claimed that Amo was responsible for robbing “their” house and stealing “their” guns, so they followed him. When Amod was told to stop, Arbury fled.

Ahmaud Arbery Bodycam